• Branding

    • Graphic Design like logos and letterheads

    • CPG / FMCG concepts and Cause Planning

    • Personal, Corporate, Product and Cultural Branding

    • Market Survey and Strategic Emplacements

  • W3Schools.com

    Web Development

    • Website Design and Advanced Coding

    • Mobile App Development for all platforms

    • Front and Back End Design

    • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design

  • Web Hosting

    • Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Hosting

    • Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting

    • WordPress Hosting and Re-seller Packages

    • Domain Registry and Whois database

  • W3Schools.com

    Digital Marketing

    • Social Media Management

    • Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads

    • Audit Strategy and Link Building Strategy

    • Keyword Research and Google Analytics

  • W3Schools.com

    Advanced Security

    • Firewalls and SSL Certificates

    • Code Guards and Site Locks

    • Cyber Forensics and Hacker Proofing

    • Automate Compliance Reporting

  • Videography/Photography

    • Video Adverts and Creative Photography

    • Advanced / Infographic Animations

    • Visual Effects and Voice Overs

    • Creative Photography and Concepts



  • Business Royal√©

    Starting or running a business is hefty and sometimes messy, which is why we carry the burden off your shoulders. It’s not only about pretty products but functionality, built by our experts, driven by you. Under this package is a single fee bundling up your requirements, which include (but not limited to); Advanced animation, Web Hosting, Web and Mobile app development, Graphic Designs, World Class Video Ads, Photography, Virtual Offices, Physical Offices, Accounting services, Legal services, Digital marketing, Printing, data management and various other needs.

  • Advanced Security

    As long as Delix Security is managing your cyber security needs, you can sleep with both eyes closed. In this package, we endeavour to eliminate and constantly improve our security systems, encryption and authentication boundaries with products that include (but not limited to); firewalls, SSL certificates, code signing certificates, cyber forensics, POS security, telephone and email security, remote monitoring management, hacker proofing, automate compliance reporting, internet security, wifi security, PCI compliance and various other solutions. We have always endeavoured to listen, and that’s what makes the difference in this respect. Tell us what exactly you want and we will send you an unlimited free quote

  • Digital Marketing

    We pride ourselves in doing as much or as little as you desire. No digital marketing goal is too big for us to reach. Our dedicated, carefully selected and time tested team of marketers will deliver and help you meet all your targets. We will take time to understand what you do and custom tailor each marketing plan to your needs.
    We don’t merely capitalise on generating sales, but we focus on creating cash flow for your brand or organisation. The single fee in this package extensively covers (but not limited to); Social Media management, Link Building Strategy, Google Ads, Audit Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Google Analytics, Keyword Research and various other products.

  • Studios

    We strongly believe that Science is the work of Knowledge but Art is the work of Wisdom, which is why we produce the finest works of art. We believe that freedom inspires imagination, innovation and excellence, the main reason our team of hundreds of photographers and videographers world over are free spirited and open minded hence connecting with you.
    From nature to script, we have you covered in this package which includes (but not limited to); Video productions, Photography, Advanced animations, Visual effects, Music Videos, Infographic animations, Video ads, Voice overs and lots of other products.


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