About  Tonniez Media

Tonniez Media Ltd is a media company with 21 exclusive brands headquartered in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom fully registered with company no. 10120580, VAT no 254 6349 89. The company focuses on disrupting positively the global media and productions space with the best and most exclusive services on the market, at competitive prices.

You can have; your website designed or hosted, cyber security, television, radio, photography, video productions, digital marketing, your logos or artwork, UI/UX design, mobile applications, podcasts, audio productions and podcasts, cloud and distributed computing, storage systems, firewalls, front/back end development, and countless other services and products. Basically, we endeavour to cover all your media related needs.

You will thus learn that you have a wide variety of exclusives to choose from and we will ensure we give you the best or nothing, with money back guarantee if you are not pleased with our work, for whatever reason, no questions asked.

We look forward to working with you!


About Group

Tonniez Group Holdings is a group of 28 companies and 3 organisations under a conglomerate structure that seeks to cover the entire market of demand and supply. With 588 brands (21 brands for each of the 28 companies) with a mission to exhaustively provide humanity with all its wants, desires and needs. Divided into services, products and knowledge based initiatives. Further sub divided as below;


1. FINANCIALS (Tonniez Star Bank, Tonniez Insurance Partners).
2. HOSPITALITY (Tonniez Leisure Zone, Tonniez International Stadiums, Tonniez Group of Hotels, Tonniez Convention Center)
3. TRADE (Tonniez Invesco Inc, Tonniez Freight and Forwarders, Tonniez Hyper Market)
3. GENERAL (Tonniez Utility Solutions, Tonniez Travel, Tonniez Cleaning Services, Tonniez International Airport).
4. TELEKOM (Tonniez Telekom).
5. LEGAL (Tonniez Legal Trusts).


1. ENERGY (Tonniez Fuels and Energy).
2. INDUSTRIALS (Tonniez Beverages, Tonniez Motors, Tonniez Engineering Prospects).
3. TEXTILES (Tonniez Apparel Label).
4. REAL ESTATE (Tonniez Estates).
5. AGRICULTURE (Tonniez Farms).


1. MEDIA AND PUBLISHING (Tonniez Publishing Press, Tonniez Media).
2. EDUCATION (Tonniez Schools and Colleges, Tonniez University).
3. ENTERTAINMENT (Tonniez Club Spades, Tonniez Events).


1. Tonniez Foundation.


1. Tonniez Industrial Area

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