Meet The Team

Tonny Rutakirwa – Chairman

Tonny is a driven entrepreneur by profession, author by passion, business developer always seeking partnerships for the furtherance of a radical global for profit vision and philanthropist in usual and unusual settings. His vision for Tonniez Group is very uncommon and his experience is legendary.

Tonny founded Tonniez Group Holdings on 28th December 2008 with desire to give humanity all their needs, wants and desires under one brand. In his career, he has been able to extra-ordinarily establish, orient and motivate highly skilled work forces in extremely demanding multi – cultural environments. He desires to grow this conglomerate with mass appeal products, services and knowledge based initiatives.

Tonny has written 7 books and releases a new book on his birthday (March 25th) every year. His books are entitled; Awaken the financial genius in you (2010), Awaken the financial genius in you Rebuilt (2012), You can do it (2013), Achieve your dreams (2014), Faith in action (2015), My travel guide (2016) and Power of love (2017)

Tonny has extensive experience in working with several multinational companies, governments and active operations in over 50 countries spread across all continents world over.

Bardia Suny – President

Bardia joined Tonniez Group as President in 2014 and came on board with over ten years professional experience in media productions and corporate senior management. He is dynamic and result oriented professional with design, visual effects, 3D compositions, video and audio productions for feature film.

He is highly skilled and creative in team management and leadership, project direction, crisis management and financial management. He is meticulously attentive to detail and an expert with human behaviour. He has incredible ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously with ease and professionalism.

Bardia’s extensive experience stretches to marketing, public relations, data management, human resource, global markets, security and financial markets. He is positive, focused, precision directed and highly able to offer creative solutions to tasks at hand.

He has exceptional, collaborative, interpersonal and high value communication skills which have enabled him maintain high value client relationships, steer negotiations successfully, build and maintaining strong partnerships and visualise unusual marketing campaigns delivering a range of concepts and outcomes.

He has experience in several countries which include Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and many others.

Sherrie Allen Kiconco – Director of Productions

Sherrie joined Tonniez Group in 2014 and has proven to be an ultimate and reliable resource always delivering above expectations and with impeccable attention to detail. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature with major in Film Production. She has since attained over 3 dozen certifications and has been a part of major projects like French Montana’s latest release entitled, ‘Unforgettable’ as Casting Director, Bollywood movie, ‘Escape from Luzira’, Don’t Mess with Kansiime short comedy clips with Anne Kansiime, engagements with Nollywood’s Patience Ozokwor and South Africa’s Generation sensation Rose Montene.

Sherrie has also participated in producing Kyangwari refugees camp documentary, Matt Bish and Cindy Sanyu movie entitled, ‘The Bella Movie’, Ministry of Health Programme for UNICEF malaria commercial, Cindy Magara film entitled, ‘The Fate’, Matt Bish movie entitled, ‘State Research Bureau’, Joel Karekezi movie entitled, ‘The Pardon – Imbabazi’, Carol Kamya movie entitled, ‘Imani’, Robert Nkambo movie entitled, ‘Spying on Susana’, Lucky Atwine movie entitled, ‘Stolen’, Robert Sedyabane movie entitled, ‘Before I die’, German NGO (docudrama) GIZ entitled, ‘One Glorious Day’, Steve Jean Production, ‘Mother-in-law’, NTV production, ‘Katemba mukooti’, NTV production, ‘Trickstars’, NTV production, ‘Minibuzz’, Rock Point radio drama, UHMG TV Commercial entitled, ‘What’s your smart choice’ and hundreds of other projects.

Sherrie is currently acting in TV series entitled, ‘Girls Room’, Made in Africa comedy with ‘Uncle Simo’, a sitcom entitled, ‘Lisa’s saloon’. She has had several interviews, bill board appearances, calendars, posters, newspapers and various other media engagements. These include; Mnet’s Studio 53 interview by Gaetano Kagwa, Celebrity Stories on Record TV, Wizarts Media,

Sherrie has also contested for Miss Tourism World and Miss Chogm 2007. She describes herself as a ‘ball’, to illustrate the fact that she is well rounded. Her works can be found on YouTube, Facebook and her personal website.

Amir Bech – Studios Director

Amir has always been an entrepreneur who is highly experienced in image-making and photography. He likes to construct images and create decorative pieces and conceptual art.

Amir did his first degree in Graphic design and worked in the industry for over 15 years. Currently, he is studying commercial photography and he manages our team of commercial photographers who are specialised in different categories including fashion and beauty, product, event, and editorial.

In the past 5 years, he has worked with Adam&EveDDB in developing an advertising campaign for AA driving school. He was also previously lighting assistant for PJ Harvey 2016 album photo shoot. He also worked with different luxury fashion brands including Philipp Plein, King Baby, Jovani and many more.

Edmond Kizito – Director of Corporate Strategy

Edmond is one of Africa’s finest journalists and most experienced Media Managers. He has worked for world-class agencies including Reuters News Agency, the Voice of America and Business Day, South Africa’s best-selling business newspaper.

He has consulted for global brands including PricewaterhouseCoopers, and British-base charities Action Aid International and Send A Cow besides a host of other other multi-national groups. He was part of the founding team for The East African newspaper, contributing to its conceptualization and design.

He has owned media houses as well as helping others thrive. He designs revolutionary content. In 1996 he started a weekly magazine which he took from selling 2,000 copies a week to 25,000 copies a week in only four months.

In 2004 he consulted for a Rwandan-based newspaper, The New Times, which he took from a circulation of 1,200 copies a week to 7,500 copies a week in only six weeks. In 2013, he consulted for a South Sudanese newspaper that he took from a paltry 500 copies a week to 2,500 copies a week in six weeks. He has travelled widely on the continent, in Europe and elsewhere.

At the moment he manages a multi-media enterprise operating a Radio and Television station besides a vibrant Digital platform. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of Kizito Group of Companies, a multi-entreprise group that he founded. He is based out of East Africa and he travels widely within the region and beyond.

He has been Chairman for several Boards of Directors including for-profit agencies as well as international Non-Governmental Organisations. A pioneer, he has been part of several revolutionary initiatives both for-profit and charitable. He speaks English and French. He has been involved in the training and mentorship of journalists for challenging careers worldwide.

Edmond is also a member of the Opinion Leaders’ Panel, a think tank of the London-based Economist magazine that groups top business owners and executives around the world that are regularly polled on the salient global economic and political trends.

Amir Mahmoudi – Head Of Commercial Videographey / Creative Director

Amir is an advanced filmmaker with other capabilities in television commercials, websites and social media engagements. He films, edits, colour grades and does sound design!

He’s worked with some big brands over 10 years including Valiram Group, Tune Insurance, KLIA Ekspres, Mobe, Xixili Intima, French Art & Film Festival and more to produce videos ranging from commercial, promotional and kick-starter all the way to music and experimental videos.

He leads our teams to work directly with various brands, film production companies and powers in-house synchronisation doing this either on a project-by-project-basis or on short-medium term contracts representing our brand in various other extra ordinary capacities.

Sharon Agaba – Head of Public Relations

Sharon is an exceptional people person with a bubbly and disarmingly charming nature. She is one that has mastered the art of creative communication and understands client reputation management.

Sharon is an ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task she undertakes.

She is excellent in leading teams to achieve any given objective on time and with a pinch of excellence.
She possesses a degree in public administration and management.

Ignatius Mutungi – Operations Manager

Ignatius joined Tonniez Group in 2016 as the CEO of the entire Group and also serves as the Operations Manager of this company. He came on board in order to use his skills in the best possible way to achieve the company’s objectives.

He is enthusiastic, people centered, a fast learner, very highly self motivated, innovative, hardworking and a result oriented individual with passion for excellence in service delivery.

He possesses specialized training in economics and statistics with proven working experience in team setup, both leadership and otherwise, leading peers in a stressful and demanding circumstances. He enjoys working in exciting and driven environments as well as getting to meet the movers and shakers of the industry.

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